I'm on a hunt. Can you help me?

I've been to a handful of writing workshops. I've been elated and inspired, and defeated and depressed. The best — and first — writing workshop I attended set the bar high. Offered by the now-defunct Taos Institute of Arts, the one-week workshop with poet Judyth Hill affirmed my desire (and shaky ability) to write poetry. It is not melodramatic to say it was an experience that changed my life. 

There were others that were not-so-good. I don't want to repeat those feelings of dread and defeat. And when I'm paying a good sum for a learning experience, I don't want to walk away feeling a loss of enthusiasm, and hard-earned cash. 

But still, I hunger for workshop invigoration. And I'm on the hunt. At this point, I'm not looking for a critique group or experience. I'm looking for a workshop like those Taos days, in which I generate new work in the company of others. 

Any suggestions?  

Have you been to, or heard of, generative writing workshops or retreats? Please let me know.