Try this: Alphabet Poem

A friend recently created a poem by combining two of my favorite things — lists and thankfulness. In Love's Alphabet, poet Ann Staley uses the abcs as a frame to express gratitude. I like this idea. Let's try our own!

Send me your alphabet poems and I'll post them here on Thankful Thursday, the weekly pause of appreciation. Simply post your poems in the comment section below, or send your work via email to

Don't be shy — let's share our starts and scratches, our works-in-progress and works-at-rest. Let's exercise the writing muscle, aches and all.

Love's Alphabet
— Name one thing you love, says Steve

(Liberty) apples and Ace,
bed time,
the cats & Courtney.
Dusting, several Davids
errands (crossing off the list)
fabric stores
(Specialty ones like Pendleton,
or general, run-of-the-mill stores, like Joanne’s),
and friends — life-long like Kathy
or brand-new, like Bob, whom I met yesterday.
Granola, giraffes, and gingerbread,
hot dogs (with mustard, and a baseball game)
and jam.
Knitting needles all set up with angora yarn,
lemons and lemonade.
Marigolds along the walk-way border & between the rows.
NPR all the time
and river otters.
The P-E-A-C-E sign and the Post Office,
the quick and the quixotic.
The Romantics, a romantic, and any river.
Nighttime stars and sky and SR.
(Late August) tomatoes, Thanksgiving,
the unflappable,
Valentines on any day.
Writing, fooling around with words.
(There must be something besides xylaphon
which creates an unwelcome noise. Maybe
a flower or a bird, a scientific name!)
Xanthippe (I’ll let you look that up!),
and yellow.
Zurich, indeed,
all of Switzerland — in any season

- Ann Staley