Thankful Thursday: When shared with you

It's a big Thankful Thursday — the last of the year. Thank you for spending Thankful Thursdays with me, for keeping me accountable, appreciative, and grateful for things big and small.

Attention attracts gratitude, and gratitude expands joy, and my gratitude grows when shared with you.

Thank you.


Bell Song of Thanks

for patience and prayers
    for holding tight
    and letting go

for mothers     
    who cry in the dark
    and pray for light

for fathers
    reticent as rocks
    solid as time
for brothers
    that call

for sisters
    that don’t
for the near miss
    the second place
    the small dent

for speaking up
    and stilling down

for lungs to run
    legs to stand
    a heart to believe

for sickness
    and balm
    fortitude and grit

for newborns
    cradled in hopeful hands

for goodbyes
    that shook
    left us sobbing and stranded

for faith
    and song
    and the reminding chime

for giving up
    and starting over

despite of,
    because of,
    almost always



- Drew Myron