Aspiration wears me down

Blank page. Clean windows. New shoes. I like a fresh start.

But, sheesh, I can't take the pressure of a new year.

I can't see another photo of a fit woman with luminous skin and super-toned bod. No more lists advising me how to be a better boss, rising star, team player. And please, no more images of dreamy couples on dreamy beach vacations.

Aspiration wears me down.

I already know I'm not going to write every day, exercise more, or eat less. I won't give up sugar or dairy or carbs. I might drink less. I'll try to love more. But, really, I can't guarantee much.

I've read the same endless stream of self-improvement suggestions you have: Have a clear goal. Write affirmations. Positive self-talk. Visualize your ideal self. Self care.

I get it, but oh, it takes so much effort to be my "best self." While I don't want to let myself go, I'd sure like to relax.   

So, this year I turn again to Lisa Romeo's I Did It practice. Rather than look forward with resolution and proclamation, I'll quietly look back and assess what I did achieve: personally, professionally, emotionally, physically. I'll recall (to myself) the accomplishments and may even feel buoyed. And that may be just the nudge I need to believe I'm able, willing, and often revved with possibility.

How about you? In this new year, where's your head and heart?